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"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world".
Wrote Ludwig Wittgenstein in his book Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.


WWe transcend the concepts of design studio, advertising agency or company editor, what Oxygene Communications offers is Communication Design. More than messages, we create contents.

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The Traveler

We have created the line of offers "The Traveler", a different way to escape from everyday life, with a selection of the most attractive proposals in tourism of nature and heritage.

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More news

Enter our blog and you will be informed of all projects, activities and news related to Oxygene Communications. Breathe and purify yourself with our environmental tourism offers.

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We commit

Involving messages in a seductive but also highly didactic experience is a priority of Oxygene Communications, an ethical commitment with our clients, thus avoiding the saturated and sterile proposals of traditional advertising. There are some details as momentous as the current change of diffusion for the "conservation".

Our work has a high pedagogical component, since we educate our clients in the new ways in which the world of commercial communication is being transformed, the appearance of new scenarios -such as expography- or the diversity of linguistic and creative strategies.

Our Office

We are consultants

We investigate new means and strategies for a lasting positioning.

Own hearing

We invest in our own means to guarantee a beneficial relationship to the client.

Caress for Impact

We discard the recurring "impact" for less aggressive and seductive resources.

Useful contents

We value content as the best way to satisfy an intelligent audience.

Find us

The productive search of the audiences towards our media is the objective.

Dialogue among all

We bet on persuasive conversation as an element of persuasive efficacy.

Notes From CEO

- How do you start?
- But let's think. If we wanted to start each day doing original works, aspiring to have exciting creative experiences, how can we trust what it tells us the culture when it tells us all the same?

Bob Gill, interviewed by Ronald Shakespear for Dopler

"I have become a skeptic of the unspoken rule that just because a boy and a girl appear in the same movie, they must have an affair.
Instead, I want to show a slightly different relationship, one where the two are inspired to live together. If I can do that, I may be closer to showing a true expression of love".

Hayao Miyazaki, Master of Animation

Much more than a team

"There are three things I would say to a team to help them stay together: When something goes wrong: I did it. When something works more or less well: we did it. When something turns out really well: you did it"
Paul “Bear” Bryant.

Team Image

Vanessa Byrne
Directora General

I started my career in banking with the Royal Bank of Scotland in Gibraltar. This gave me a wide scope of accounting experience but more importantly exposed me to modern human resource methods new in Gibraltar at that time. With Team Building at its centre, these methods have helped me develop opportunities in other areas. Leading to a move to the Gibraltar International Bank and later leaving that to take on the challenge of starting a dementia day centre facility, by far my most challenging and rewarding professional adventure. After pausing my professional development to concentrate on family for some time, I am now ready to take on this exciting challenge. At the centre of it, is communications – the core and spine of human relations. I can’t wait to discuss with you how we can work together…

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Juanjo Trujillo
Creative Director

He is the creator of the mythical comic magazine TUBOESCAPE. He studied creative direction in Barcelona in areas as different as advertising, set design or editorial design. He founded the first design cooperative in Andalusia, the seminary "Servicios de Ideas" and directed campaigns for hypermarket chains "Continente" and "Tien 21", at the same time that he designed pubs with a style hardly known in the area: Jazz, Liquirba, Metal Crash, Papagos or September. For several years, he carried out the communication policy of the natural park Los Alcornocales, designed the expography of the interpretation centres of the natural park Bahia de Cadiz (in San Fernando) and Huerta Grande (in Pelayo, Algeciras), as well as the information points of Parque Natural Del Estrecho (in Tarifa), the natural parks of Breña and Marismas del Barbate or Las Salinas recreation area (in ​​Chiclana). He also designed the Mycological Information Point of Juzca, the Chestnut House-Museum in Pujerra, the interpretive areas of Algaba de Ronda or, more recently, the House of Memory in Jimena de la Frontera. He has designed publications for the educational sector of Gibraltar with different publishers with books such as "The Great Siege of Gibraltar 1779 - 1783" and "The Evacuation of the Gibraltarians 1940-1951.

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Working in a network
El Jefe Oculto

One of our strengths is to have a network team capable of responding to any communicative requirement. We are able to coordinate each working group to the specific needs for each project, campaign or intervention. The digital transformation has changed the means, the society, the habits, the culture and the consumers, and of course, they have also influenced in a decisive way in the analysis, design and production scenario in a radical way, leaving the working methodologies and traditional strategies definitively obsolete. The adaptation to this new challenge is the essence that moves the professionals of Oxygene Communications, it is the only way to evolve and create more differentiated and creative works, optimizing our intellectual capital, one of our big bets. We recognize the media power of the internet, but combining it with real experiences of high emotional value, and we have specialists in both fields. We offer innovation and alternative sense to develop new ways of communicating, to capture the emerging sensibilities that are being generated in an immensely alive world.