Diagnóstico de imagen gratis

"At the speed of light, everyone fuses with everyone, private identity disappears".
(Herbert Marshall McLuhan)

The daily drama between identity and image

Every company, institution or person, whether they want it or not, emits signals. The question is whether that perceived image corresponds to the identity of the person who issues it, with its attributes, values and objectives.

It is fundamental not only to raise but also to answer questions like, do my clients perceive me correctly? Do my identity match my image?


We can intervene from the updating of the communicative heritage as a corporate culture, with its personality, signals and customs updated, until the creation of significant elements for newly created companies, or even the unification of different discursive lines when two or more companies merge.

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Open your eyes

With our free image diagnosis we offer the possibility of discovering this relationship between Identity / Image. Moreover, we can even obtain data on the differentiation with the competition, the visibility in the market or the level of perception of the brand.

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Data Collect

We just need you to fill out a brief questionnaire about your company, to collect basic information and samples of your corporate image, be it commercial stationary, signage or advertising. With these two elements we will develop the diagnosis and the lines of work to solve the possible interferences, anomalies or psychographic errors of your brand image.

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