"There are more things in heaven and on earth, Horacio, than all that your philosophy can dream of.".
(William Shakespeare)

You do not have to shout

We develop all the necessary phases to launch an advertising campaign, from the first phases of determination of objectives, to those dedicated to research, to the development of creative and media strategies, including the processes of design, psychography and production of content in all kinds of media and supports. Our traffic department will be in charge of controlling the schedule and even realizing the pre-test and post-test of the campaign.

Experiences Marketing

A different way to bring the knowledge of our brand to people who normally ignore the traditional means of advertising. The sensorial experience leaves a trace that allows an optimal setting of the communication objectives.

We put human value on other numerical factors, above all we are interested in the effectiveness of our interventions and thanks to these neuromarketing practices we achieve what specialists call "beneficial cognitive connection".

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Virtual reality

People are eager to discover new media and feel emotions in a totally different way, virtual reality and augmented reality are almost essential options to achieve it.

To achieve an emotional relationship between the brand and its consumers is to cause falling in love with the new and with it a greater efficiency in the transmission of messages.

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Video (Live)

AWe adapt the resources of Facebook Live or the streaming application Periscope that allows us the integration for mobile devices with Twitter.

With these "inclusive" interventions and with video as a medium, we will achieve novel relationships between users and companies, living live, participating in the messages through their mobile phones. This type of strategy is extremely persuasive, amplifying the full power of technological innovation.

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We are creating our channel on YouTube and Instagram with local influencers adapted to all types of markets. From these platforms we can offer all kinds of sales promotion or get a much more accurate segmentation.

We concentrate the audience that wants to listen to you, and that they decide what they want to see and when, without the need of schedules and with hardly any advertising cuts. An innovative proposal on the local level at our Oxygen TV. We adapt the programming to communicative needs of companies. .

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Liquid communication

The only way to reach an increasingly complex and saturated audience is to endow our arguments with a liquid, adaptable, multiform nature, capable of unifying activation marketing and the generation of notoriety.

Our Public Relations department is capable of creating and organizing events, patronage activities, relying on marketing and the use of non-traditional means of communication, as well as the implementation of our BTL techniques (Below the line: using no-massive forms of communication for marketing aimed at specific market segments).

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Generation Z

We bet on digital natives, those who are now between 8 and 22 years old, born between 1995 and 2010, who do not differentiate between the physical and the digital, between atom and bit, who travel naturally between both universes, and that evolve continuously making changes in their homes, their jobs and their lives, transforming themselves into hungry prescribers.

They transcend their millennial predecessors as they have grown up in a habitat governed by the crisis, which has made them more demanding, lucid and responsible, and they recognize the continued efforts of their parents. This type of target audience is characterized by betting more on the sense of experience than on that of the possession. The NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) tools must be rethought to effectively reach them.

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Neuroscience is demonstrating that smell is the organ least saturated by signals and advertising messages whose visual and auditory nature have saturated in excess to sight and hearing. The use of odour is a powerful and innovative tool to reach our customers, compared to 5% of what we see, or 2% of what is heard, the brain is able to remember up to 35% of what it smells (Source: Rockefeller University, New York).

Oxygene Communications has an "odotype" service, or olfactory logo, a fragrance manufactured exclusively for your company or selected from our extensive catalogue of odours adaptable to the targets of communication of any company or institution. In this way we create a new type of relationship between the brand and its customers. And do not forget that we are able to remember 10,000 different aromas.


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